In The Box

  • 52 monster cards from the world of Revilo

Original content created specifically for 5e and for Fate

  • New monsters from Revilo
  • A PDF sourcebook with the monsters for D&D 5e as well as Fate core will accompany this deck.

Monsters from Below the Forest of the Dead have not been added yet. They are with the editor.

Coming Soon!

Fate Content



Pick a card, any card. Which monster did you pull? This deck is ideal for a random monster encounter or a quick reference guide to show players what they’re up against. Contained within this deck are the monsters found in decks 1-5 of Atmar’s Cardography.


“Coming up with clever dungeon layouts week after week is challenging. Atmar’s Cardography offers several decks to inspire dungeon layouts by offering a different room on each card. Deal some out before game and put them together for the night’s dungeon or let the layout ride on the whims of fate with blind draws during the game. Each room has a number that keys into a PDF that has a pre-built encounter for further inspiration. The encounters are built for 5e and Fate Core but could easily be converted to a preferred rules set with a minimum of fuss.”

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